Justin Ghadery has lead & served in the front lines of resume diversity ranging from Corporate America, to Government Affairs & Military, to Education. He has been coaching managerial leaders for a combined 15 years including senior-level management, military officers/ non-commissioned officers, and entrepreneurs.

justin_ghaderyJustin has the ability to identify trends in business operations, performance, and the economics behind relationships with internal and external environmental factors. With an emphasis on strategic planning and transparent execution, Justin has a proven track record converting all facets of business management into results and profitability. His years of experience in sales, marketing, people management, and analysis have resulted in a dynamic strength as a consultant.

In 2014 Justin contributed to the acquisition of a $2 billion dollar U.S. company in both the pre & post close work while simultaneously managing his own portfolio of business. During this time, Justin’s principal oversight consisted of $60 million in annual revenue sales as well as approximately four hundred employees. In 2012, Justin worked the London Olympic Games where he was selected as a brand ambassador for some of Team USA’s largest sponsorships for marketing and public relations. Eight years in the Marine Corps and two tours of combat yielded Justin several distinct honors.

With a double major in Human Biology and Communications at UC San Diego, Justin expanded his graduate education to the Executive MBA program at Pepperdine University in 2014. Justin believes lending a selfless hand. He is currently the executive director of a non-profit organization which aims to provide veterans career opportunities in the renewable energy industry.